Celebrating the Outreach 100 Fastest-Growing Churches in America

Outreach Magazine recently published its annual list of America’s top 100 fastest growing and largest participating churches. This celebrated issue represents much more than the giant ‘100’ on its cover. It represents Kingdom impact, thousands of people who have crossed the line of faith and found hope in Jesus Christ. Whether small, large or mega, these churches’ stories of growth represent the Great Commission carried out as Jesus commanded across communities, cities, and nations.

The Intentional Churches Team is celebrating too!  We’ve had the privilege of installing and/or coaching Intentional GrowthPlans with many on this list, including 3 of the top 5 fastest-growing churches. These churches are using the IGP tools and platform to remain gospel-focused and grow their Kingdom impact again and again.  We celebrate and congratulate these church teams for their obedience and faith as they carry out the Great Commission.

Check out the inspiring stories of the Top 100 here.

Fastest Growing:

#2 – Eastside CC – IGP Church & IC Coach
#3 – Shepherd Church – IC Coach
#5 – Traders Point – IGP Church & IC Coach
#21 – Journey CC – IGP Church
#34 – Community CC – IGP Church
#35 – The Crossing – IGP Church
#46 – Parkview CC – IGP Church & IC Coach
#56 – First Church – IGP Church
#65 – Mount Pleasant CC – IGP Church
#92 – CrossCity CC – IGP Church
#99 – Crossroads CC – IGP Church & IC Coach

Largest Participating:

#8 – Willow Creek – IC Coaches
#34 – Shepherd Church – IC Coach
#49 – Parkview CC – IGP Church & IC Coach
#62 – Traders Point – IGP Church & IC Coach
#66 – Eastside CC – IGP Church & IC Coach
#72 – Real Life CC – IGP Church & IC Coach
#73 – Canyon Ridge – IGP Church & IC Coaches
#89 – Real Life Church – IGP Church
#96 – Eastview – IC Coach
#98 – Northside CC – IGP Church

Jan Greggo

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Jan has served in ministry for over 15 years in a variety of roles. With a degree in business, she enjoyed a career that God used to equip her for the church with a focus in administration, planning, and special projects that impact eternity. Jan lives in Florida with her husband, Anthony.

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