What does Intentional Churches do?

We work with church leaders to develop a clear vision and a plan to perpetually increase Kingdom impact. We call it Intentional Growth Planning. We combine great process, coaching, resources, and training for your leaders to execute the plan and stay on course. Most importantly, it’s a repeatable and transferable process any church can learn!

We are also creating an incredibly practical and collaborative movement of like-minded churches and leaders. We want you involved!

A Word from the Co-Founders

We are church leaders just like you. Each day, we wake up with a deep passion to see the Great Commission accomplished in the world. Christ was clear in His directive; go into the world and make disciples, baptize them and teach them to obey His commands.

We founded Intentional Churches to release the incredible God-given potential of the local church. Scripture says that the Gospel is the power of God that saves anyone who believes. His Word is a two-edged sword and cuts to the heart. It is the hope of the world and yields the power to change lives, families, communities, and nations. This potential is within each and every Gospel-centered church, including yours.

So what would it look like for your church to double its Kingdom impact again and again? What would this look like in your community? Our dream is to come alongside as many churches as possible to create an intentional, evergreen plan to go and grow. It would be an honor to work with you and your ministry to make this happen.

-Doug Parks & Bart Rendel

OUR TEAM Discover & Grow

The Intentional Churches Difference

Pastors First

We understand your unique challenges and are in the trenches of ministry just like you.


We practice what we preach, including our tested and true Growth Planning system.

Church Intelligence

We have over 1400 years of experience to support and resource your ministry.


We will teach and transfer what we know and not create unnecessary dependence on us.


Each church is unique and so is your vision and Growth Plan. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches to ministry.

Specialized Coaching

We walk with you for at least one year or as long as needed. We are extremely accessible and available for you and your team.

Rich Resources

We include help with any local church leadership issues you are facing – staffing, communication, weekend services, and more.


You are joining a committed network of leaders and churches unlike any other you will find.