Over the past eight years, we’ve developed a growth system that is rooted in biblical principles, tried and true tools, and is applicable to any church. It translates well in any context or denomination and becomes a leadership and operating system you can use for years to come. It always produces alignment, courage, and a fearless desire to move forward.

Features of ChurchOS


We clarify the vision and plan through a facilitated team experience. This creates unprecedented unity and buy-in.

Focused Priorities

Instead of wondering what bullet to fire or problem to solve, we land on the right answers.


For at least one year we will regularly meet and help you follow-through and accomplish the work we laid out together.


There isn’t any challenge our coaches haven’t faced and we will bring today’s solutions and best-practices to your team.

Leadership Development

The nature of the process develops emerging leaders and elevates the thinking of your team.

No Silos

We organize your team to tackle the vision initiatives cross-functionally and this creates a new spirit of collaboration.


We will teach your team how to use our Growth Plan tools and create independence and sustainability.

Growth Lids Removed

The process will identify your big growth barriers and we will aggressively take action to remove them.

Let’s Talk About ChurchOS Today!

Intentional Churches exists to build, train, and support a movement of churches that consistently activate the Great Commission. We have built an operating system called ChurchOS™ based on the timeless truths of scripture to help the local church become strong and resilient. It includes a Living Toolbox™ which creates powerful, practical church leadership conversations and plans. We support the system with coaching, collaboration, and training for any leader with a passion to reach the lost and deepen the saved. We have built ChurchOS™ with you in mind!