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What is it?

Comprehensive experiential trainingexperiential training across three daysthree days for
anyone wanting to learnanyone wanting to learn the ChurchOS leadership system
focused on the skills of the ChurchOS Activator roleChurchOS Activator role with
a unique toolkitunique toolkit that makes the Church make sense!

Activator Training shifted my perspective!

I left Activator Training with a greater understanding of the IC system and the reasons behind the processes, giving me more confidence in leading our team.

Tim Snyder
Campus and Discipleship Pastor, Calvary Christian Church - Bellevue, NE

Activate the
Great Commission
in your church and

  • Learn

    Get a complete understanding of the principles, philosophy, and practices of ChurchOS.

  • Activate

    Help your church activate ChurchOS and the Great Commission to multiply Kingdom impact.

  • Collaborate

    Join the growing tribe of collaborating churches and leaders journeying with us.

Why apply?



Registration fee per trainee is $3,900* excluding travel and hotel expenses

*10% discount for churches sending 2+ trainees and 50% discount for previously trained Activators

I feel more equipped to lead our team!

Reading the Intentional Churches book as a team and attending Activator Training has equipped me in many different ways, but it has mainly helped me to stay focused.

Edgar Garcia
Meet Together Pastor, Knott Avenue Church

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The Activator Training is a three-day comprehensive group training that’s designed to help church leaders gain a complete understanding of the ChurchOS leadership system.

This training will set you up with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of ChurchOS. You’ll be equipped to install and implement ChurchOS in your own church and activate the Great Commission.

You’ll learn how to lead a team through Intentional Growth Planning, the core process of ChurchOS, and gain competency in the ChurchOS Living Toolbox. You’ll also join a growing network of collaborating churches who are on the ChurchOS journey toward multiplied Kingdom impact.

Apply now and begin your ChurchOS journey with us!

Yes, we would still recommend that you attend this training. Although self-implementation may be the next best step for a church, it won’t provide a church team with the perspective of an outside voice from a trained IC Facilitator or the year-long training and coaching support of an IC Coach. 

Getting trained as an Activator will help you with the gold-standard, full installation of ChurchOS in your church. The quicker your church can implement ChurchOS with a trained Activator, the better! So apply now for the training as seats are limited.

Here’s a typical training schedule to give you an idea of what the three days would be like:  

Day One
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
6 p.m. (Activation dinner hosted by IC)

Day Two
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Day Three
8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Late afternoon or evening departure

This training is ideal for those who are: 

  • Church leaders wanting to learn how to activate ChurchOS in their ministry
  • Current ChurchOS Lap One Activators who want to get certified in ChurchOS
  • Staff members, department leaders, or other key leaders from churches using ChurchOS or are soon going to install it in their church
  • Future IC Coaches and ChurchOS Activators

If you fit any of the descriptions above, go ahead and apply now as seats are limited.

The best person(s) is anyone who’s interested in implementing ChurchOS in your church – that could be your executive pastor or even a member of your staff. In the past, we’ve had an assorted mix of trainees including lead pastors, directors of ministries, campus pastors, etc.

You can send as many people as you want for training. In fact, sending two or more people will get you a 10% discount on the registration fee.

Please contact us if you are interested in training 10+ people because we also offer custom personalized training on site with larger church leadership teams.

Once you apply for the training, your application will be promptly reviewed and you’ll be notified about the status of your application in two weeks or less (usually less!).

If approved, we’ll send you an acceptance letter, an invoice for the training, and further logistical details about the training – location, accommodations, directions, etc. Our team will help you with every step in the process.

You’ll also receive pre-training assignments to be completed prior to training. Your journey into mastering ChurchOS will begin before, and extend beyond, your training as you join our growing Activator community.

The only requirement is your total commitment to running ChurchOS, making more and better disciples, and joining the Lord to multiply your Kingdom impact.

The registration fee is $3,900 per person. This covers a training manual, six months of access to ChurchOS Activator Resources, free access to our ChurchOS Activator Email Community, lunch during training, and a special Activator dinner with the IC team. 

The fee does not include travel and accommodation expenses. However, we will provide assistance in terms of hotel recommendations and travel logistics.

Yes, we are offering a 10% discount for churches sending more than two trainees. We also offer special pricing of 50% off for any previously trained Activators. Many Activators attend training more than once to refresh their skills and learn more as our Living Toolbox continues to develop.

Yes, once you complete your training, you’ll automatically become a member of our ChurchOS Activator Community. Through this online community of 200+ trained Activators, you can stay informed and connected with our facilitators and coaches along with your fellow church leaders.

As a newly trained Activator, you’ll get free access to the ChurchOS Activator Resources and Community. You’ll get email updates on the latest learnings and insights, training videos and content via email, access to tools and study guides, and more.

This will also give you access to our curated online community for support, idea sharing, and networking with the other ChurchOS Activators.

Limited seats!


Apply today to reach the ONE and activate
the Great Commission in your community.

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