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Rediscovering the True Origins of Kingdom Multiplication

Many of us have bought the misconception that multiplication is simply organizational in nature. This lie gains traction as we consistently talk and strategize about multiplying campuses and churches, but this misconception ends up stifling growth and kingdom impact.

So let’s be clear, kingdom multiplication always starts with individual Christ followers.

As a Christ follower, I should model Christ-like characteristics that enable me to reach and grow others in my relational network to follow Jesus. This origin point enables a great Church to be formed, and a city or region can be impacted for good. Eventually, the ripple effect of Kingdom impact can reach the ends of the earth, following the model outlined in Acts 1:8.

With this clear understanding and a commitment to aligning our strategies with the Great Commission, we can break free from the false appeal of organizational multiplication and embrace a more intentional and effective approach to spreading the gospel. After all, Jesus gave the Great Commission as a personal mission statement for every Christ follower.

At Intentional Churches, we have always believed that this multiplication origin strategy is most potent in a church plant. Church planting is the headwaters of multiplication. As a church grows and ages, it tends to subconsciously and unintentionally drift toward institutional strategies and thinking, which slowly strangles the root Biblical strategy of multiplication.

“This is one of the greatest kingdom investments we make”

For the past three years, Intentional Churches has been piloting the installation of ChurchOS® into church plants. While ChurchOS helps any church (new, growing, plateaued, or declining) continually align its people with the basics of the Great Commission, installing ChurchOS® early keeps a church convicted to individually reach and grow people in Christ, while fighting the drift toward institutional thinking.

Ron Sylvia, Senior Pastor of The Church @ The Springs, is the lead visionary of Intentional Churches’ planting efforts. Being a planter himself, he is passionate about helping church planters. Listen to the inspiring story about how he has blessed numerous church planters with ChurchOS training, which in turn has blessed and energized his church’s people.

Watch the Video HERE

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