From the Front Lines of Ministry: Part 3

During the COVID-19 crisis, our team gathers weekly to discuss the latest From the Front Lines of Ministry. We are using ChurchOS to stay clear and focused. See how other church leaders around the country are using ChurchOS as they navigate the new normal.


A ChurchOS Thinking Framework for This Week

  • We must lead like our world is literally in a war.  Please give yourself permission to lead more directively in this moment.  Team collaboration is a high value of ChurchOS but it can be done with more directiveness in this season.  
  • The Great Commission still is the mission and must be accomplished.  We are just innovating new methods at a rapid rate to accomplish it!
  • During this season, please start thinking, “How do I get more and more two-way communication with my digital and distributed church?”  One-way content communication is no longer acceptable. You must become interactive!
  • Simplify!  We must think in the simplest terms possible of ideas and strategies.
  • For now, your organization is gone.  There are no walls, borders, or roads to it.  You must think at the unit of one individual more than you ever have.  
  • Your people are investing in their ONEs at a rate not seen in our generation.  The field is going to be ripe. Keep cheering them on as they invest and try to discern the right next invite.
  • Finally, Lee Coate from The Crossing in Vegas and the IC team urged us to think digital modeling, not digital mimicking.  Digital mimicking is trying to reproduce what you were doing digitally. NO! You must model for the new reality of digital and distributed.  


  • Matthew Robinson – Pastor of Administration – First Baptist Church – Orlando, FL
  • Sy Huffer – Lead Minister – College Heights Christian Church – Joplin, MO
  • Mark Brewer – Executive Pastor – The Oaks Church – Midlothian, TX
  • Doug Cowburn – Executive Pastor – Elim Gospel Church – Lima, NY
  • Lee Coate – Executive Pastor – The Crossing, a Christian Church – Las Vegas, NV
  • Dana Erickson – Executive Pastor – Illuminate Community Church – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Kirby Andersen – Content Development & Church Relations Lead – Intentional Churches – Tulsa, OK
  • Bruce Cramer – Pastor of Life Groups & Adult Education – Central Community Church – Wichita, KA
  • Jim Stanley – Executive Pastor – Traders Point Christian Church – Indianapolis, IN
  • Don Anderson – Executive Pastor – Chandler Christian Church – Chandler, AZ
  • Robbie O’Brien – Lead Pastor – Salty Church – Ormond Beach, FL
  • Kevin Stone – Executive Pastor – Christ’s Church of the Valley – Royersford, PA
  • Bob Miller – Ministry Leader/Coach – Thomas Road Baptist Church/ServantOne – Lynchburg, VA
  • Ed Kelley – Executive Pastor – Bay Area Community Church – Annapolis, MD
  • Bill Brown – Executive Pastor – Parkview Christian Church – Orland Park, IL
  • Dave Elshaug – Executive Director – Loving Utah – South Jordan, UT
  • Tiffany Ann Johns – Strategic Consultant – Parker, CO

IC Staff:

  • Doug Parks – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Bart Rendel – Co-Founder & President
  • Tasha Johnson – Director of Operations
  • Lynda Rec – Accounting & Project Management 


From Doug Cowburn : We are saying that we are no longer a church with 3 campuses, we are a church with no campuses….we are losing campus identity for sure

From Lee Coate : 

Home Baptism Document

We haven’t pushed this out yet but our pastoral team is working on some home baptism stuff…

From Lee Coate : 

Faith on Facebook Resource Hub

Good stuff as far as facebook is concerned as well. May be helpful in leveraging FB groups etc.

From Don Anderson : We are still doing Dollar Club without interruption for 8.5 years. Awesome stories!

From Bruce Cramer : We ask people, “Who are you connecting with?” Just asking we hear about what people are doing or if not, they think about who.” Most are connecting with others.

From Doug Cowburn : We are doing an extra service on Easter that is a drive-in experience. We are having cars park in every other parking spot, and keeping it short 35 minutes

From Dana Erickson : The City of Scottsdale isn’t allowing us to do a drive in, but WE LOVE the idea and wanted to do it!

From Kirby Andersen : Tulsa not allowing it either

From Sy Huffer : Neither is Joplin

From Dana Erickson : I got a message from TechSoup this morning that for their Boost members Zoom is 50% off with an annual upfront payment for new users. We are looking into this for our groups. Up to 9 hosts


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