Church by the Numbers

IC Founder Bart Rendel challenges how we as church leaders think about church numbers. Your church’s reach and impact are so much greater than you see on Sunday morning.

  • Your spiritual flock could be 3-4x your weekend attendance
  • Your reach potential could be thousands
  • Your team should think double impact

Church by the Numbers – Intentional Churches from Bart Rendel on Vimeo.

Church by the Numbers  (Vlog)
Bart Rendel

Once upon a time a pastor could share his church’s weekend attendance and that number represented the same people, from weekend to weekend. But as you may have noticed, those days are long gone. Many attendees show up once a month and call you their pastor and your church their home church.

The shift in attendance is changing everything and affects your church in many ways. It could mean only one-third of your church heard your message Sunday.  It may mean your kids were in a classroom with a different set of kids than the previous week. While we can feel alarmed at this shift, we’re also seeing fresh and innovative opportunities for engagement emerging everyday.

What do you do with these trends?  How do you seize the many opportunities to engage this culture and make more and better disciples when as much as two-thirds of your people aren’t even attending on a given weekend?  

At IC, we challenge church leaders to rethink metrics, how and what is being measured, how they lead and how they engage others.

As a church leader, if your church doesn’t have a clear, simple pathway to engage people, your church’s attendance and the Kingdom will be negatively affected.  

At IC, we know that even as we face these trends, your church’s attendance and engagement can increase. Let’s forget for a moment how we’ve always counted, how we’ve measured success, and let’s look at this with fresh eyes.

Consider your weekend service. If people are attending one to two times per month and those are your regulars, your total church may be as much as three to four times your average weekly attendance. So, say you’re averaging 400 on a weekend, you could actually be leading a church of 1,600 people who call your church home.

Now, imagine the sphere of influence each one of those people has, whether face-to-face or on social media. Suddenly, your reach potential is staggering. Those 1,600 people could equate to a reach potential of 10 to 15x that number, or over 20,000 people or more.

What an opportunity!  What an impact you could have in the Kingdom if you intentionally connected the people in your reach zone to your church and ultimately to the message of Christ.

Your church’s reach and impact are so much greater than you see on Sunday morning.  

At IC, we want to help you think beyond Sunday to double your Kingdom impact.

We want to help you make it easy for someone to take a first step in your church and move easily through the pathway, one step to the next, and ultimately into the core of fully-engaged attendees or members depending on your context.  

As we watch attendance norms shift and engagement redefine itself, we encourage you to adjust your expectations about attendance numbers and embrace instead one of the greatest drivers of attendance, Engagement.

When our IC team meets with your church team to install the IC Leadership System, we help you look at the keys that move people within your reach zone or sphere of influence into relationship, into serving, into discipleship opportunities.  The system is a process you can use over and over again to reframe vision and double your Kingdom impact.

What is your plan to connect with those within your reach zone?


Bart Rendel

About Bart Rendel

Bart was an executive leader at Crossroads Christian Church in Lexington, KY and Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV for over eighteen years. Bart’s passion for serving churches comes from his upbringing as a pastor’s kids where he learned about the intentionality of reaching and growing people in Christ from his mother and father. His conviction runs deep. Bart and his family remain connected to Central Christian. He is married to Catherine with two children and finds the occasional time to play a round of golf or take in a Kentucky Wildcats game. He has been helping churches and leaders around the country increase their Kingdom Impact since 2004.

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