What is ChurchOS?

ChurchOS is a leadership system that any church can use. It is based on a simple biblical model and easy to understand. It uses strategic conversations to change behaviors and lead to confident decisions. These decisions will unleash the Gospel potential of any church and help it reach the lost and grow disciples.

Simplify church leadership.

ChurchOS is comprehensive and applies to every area of your church.

Learn a simple process that works everywhere.

These four steps can be used by every team, every day, in every meeting.

Powerful conversations, lead to powerful kingdom results.

This simple suite of easy-to-understand tools leads your church to double kingdom impact.

Intentional Churches exists to build, train, and support a movement of churches that consistently activate the Great Commission. We have built an operating system called ChurchOS™ based on the timeless truths of scripture to help the local church become strong and resilient. It includes a Living Toolbox™ which creates powerful, practical church leadership conversations and plans. We support the system with coaching, collaboration, and training for any leader with a passion to reach the lost and deepen the saved. We have built ChurchOS™ with you in mind!