The View From Above the Battlefield

Jesus was a master storyteller. His parables are great examples of engaging his audience and revealing spiritual truths in a way that captures an audience. We like to use parables, too, at Intentional Churches, for those same reasons. The most powerful word picture we use with ChurchOS is the battlefield image.

At first, that may sound negative. To picture your ministry as an all-out war may leave you anxious or edgy. But we believe it is an accurate representation of what is happening behind the scenes.

Often, we view a battle as “us versus them.” But Paul makes it clear in Ephesians 6:12 that our fight is not against flesh and blood. In fact, we engage on this battlefield for them, not against them. We are fighting for their souls!

Perspectives from above

The assignment of leaders in ChurchOS is to rise beyond the battlefield to survey the land. The view from above will give us keen insights and perspectives.

1. Today’s reality

The first perspective is today’s reality. We can see clearly what is causing the strife on our staff, the disengagement of our people, and the roadblocks to engagement.

Often, today’s reality is a spiritual one. There are forces of darkness at work behind the scenes to undo all that you’ve worked for and all that God has accomplished. Perspective allows you to focus on what is important.

Objective evaluation cuts through the fears of rocking the boat and moves you closer to solving real problems. Click To Tweet

2. Tomorrow’s challenges

The second perspective you get is of tomorrow’s challenges. You must fight today’s battles in a way that does not hamstring you for what you will face tomorrow. That may mean shuttering certain ministries or making difficult decisions. Objective evaluation cuts through the fears of rocking the boat and moves you closer to solving real problems.

Future vision with ChurchOS

When you keep these two perspectives in focus, it gives you future vision. You’re able to address the concerns of the day while preparing for tomorrow’s needs. While casting vision for what’s next, you stay on task for what’s needed now. And instead of reacting to changing landscapes, you put yourself in control of the situation.

ChurchOS is built to accomplish both of these simultaneously by giving you tools that accurately assess what is happening now. They also prepare for what’s next by delivering proven feedback and constant recalibration to keep you on track.

If you can stay above the fray, you’ll find that the battles you engage in today will give you energy for the challenges you face tomorrow.

While casting vision for what’s next, you stay on task for what’s needed now. Click To Tweet

Benefits of ChurchOS

What would your church look like if it was able to unleash its full gospel potential? We believe that implementing ChurchOS will eternally benefit you, your church, and your community.

Adopting ChurchOS will help you:

  • Clarify your unique vision
  • Filter trends and new ideas through your mission
  • Improve implementation
  • Maintain unity and alignment around what matters most
  • Release the unlimited gospel potential in your church

If you would like to learn more about ChurchOS, check out our new book, Intentional Churches: How Implementing an Operating System Clarifies Vision, Improves Decision Making, and Stimulates Growth, available here.

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