Learning from America’s Top 100 Churches

Every year we are excited when the Outreach 100 lists come out.  So many churches across the United States are diligent in praying, fasting and seeking the Holy Spirit to increase Kingdom impact in their context.  This year many of the churches making the list have installed ChurchOS as their leadership system and are part of the IC movement.

Here are some foundational principles that make all the difference in America’s top churches.

The Top 100 Churches: 

  1. Make it about the Great Commission. Churches that continually see improvement and advancement have made the Great Commission their direction setter. They are consumed with equipping people to go and reach more lives. They celebrate life change and baptisms, tell stories, provide resources and teach it from the stage often. 
  2. Tackle the right Big Goals.  In any given season in the life of a church, there are dozens of projects that need to be accomplished.  Some of these are get-it-done tasks and can be assigned to staff members. Others are larger and more complex in nature.  Knowing what needs to be tackled (and when) can be challenging. Thriving churches use cross-functional teams that identify the right 1-3 big challenges and go after them together. 
  3. Always think ‘Next Step.’ Each person who arrives in one of the Top 100 Churches across the US is on a spiritual journey.  Some have been in church their whole lives, others are at the starting point. Regardless, each person has a next step.  It could be bringing a lost friend to church and helping them encounter the beauty of Jesus. Or it might be joining a group, tithing for the first time, becoming a member, or serving in the kid’s ministry.  When there is always movement, there is always momentum. 

We want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the hard and courageous work of the churches we have partnered with that made it on this year’s Outreach 100 lists. 

Parkview Christian Church – Orland Park, IL – IC Church & IC Coach

Pathway Church –  Wichita, KS – IC Church & IC Coach

New Day Christian Church – Port Charlotte, FL – IC Church

BattleCreek Church – Broken Arrow, OK – IC Church

Mountain Christian Church – Joppa, MD – IC Church

Eastview Christian Church – Normal, IL – IC Coach

Canyon Ridge Christian Church – Las Vegas, NV – IC Church

Northside Christian Church – New Albany, IN – IC Church

The Crossing – Las Vegas, NV – IC Church & IC Coach

Crossroads Christian Church – Corona, CA – IC Church & IC Coach

Sugar Creek Baptist Church – Sugar Land, TX – IC Coach

Eastside Christian Church – Anaheim, CA – IC Church & IC Coach

Traders Point Christian Church – Indianapolis, IN – IC Church & IC Coach

First Baptist Orlando – Orlando, FL – IC Church & IC Coach

Compassion Christian Church – Savannah, GA – IC Church

Shepherd Church – Porter Ranch, CA – IC Coach

Church at the Springs – Ocala, FL – IC Church & IC Coach

Echo Church – IC Church

Mercy Road Church – Carmel, IN – IC Church

Momentum Christian Church – McDonough, GA – IC Church

Journey Bible Church – Olathe, KS

Tyler Feller

About Tyler Feller

Tyler has served for seven years in ministry at the local church level. He is passionate about serving the local church because of the impact that his relationship with Christ has had on him. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership. Currently, he is a sought after speaker for events throughout the US. Tyler lives in Nashville, TN.

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