Is Activator Training Right for You and Your Team?

Is Activator Training Right for You and Your Team?

“Sending a team to Activator Training moved the needle for us! We learned, by focusing on the Great Commission Engine, how we could keep the IGP cycle running as a part of ongoing ministry.  As a result, we’ve changed our ministry staff meetings into opportunities to teach on and clarify our vision for reaching those who are disconnected from Jesus. It has helped our staff understand how their ministry fits into the big picture of the Great Commission.” Josh LeVeque, IT Director – West Side Christian Church in Springfield, IL

Churches all over the country are experiencing the power of activating the Great Commission through ChurchOS and Intentional GrowthPlanning. If you are ready to take IGP to the next level then Activator Training is a great next step!  What a difference you’ll make in eternity as you help your team align around the Great Commission. And you’ll grasp a deeper understanding of the language, principles and tools to help you resource and execute your church’s IGP.

Take your next step in the IGP journey!  Whether you’re an Executive Pastor, a high-caliber volunteer, or a staff member with an aptitude for planning and execution, you won’t want to miss this training!  

Activator Training will change how ministry is lived out in your church.

Come join the growing tribe of IGP collaborating church leaders for 3 days in Las Vegas and receive the training and certification to champion and guide your church toward Great Commision impact.

Upcoming Trainings:

September 15-17, 2020

“I left Activator Training with a greater understanding of the IC system and the reasons behind the IGP processes, giving me more confidence in leading our team.”  Tim Snyder, Executive Pastor – Blue Springs Christian Church in Blue Springs, MO

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