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Video: Identify Your Primary Newcomer

Video Interview:

Identify Your Primary Newcomer

Tyler Feller and Doug Parks, Co-Founder & CEO of Intentional Churches, recently sat down to talk through the powerful idea of defining your Primary Newcomer.  This is a tool for church leadership teams that can shape every aspect of your ministry.


  • Churches and leaders can unintentionally turn inward.
  • We can’t reach everyone and by trying we may actually reach less.
  • Church programs can look like a line up at a Vegas buffet.
  • Church communications can begin to look like a “Valpack.”
  • We should “reverse the map” and see our church through the Primary Newcomer’s eyes.
  • Narrowing the focus is a leadership conversation for the team, not the public.
  • The team should courageously make the decision about the Primary Newcomer.
  • The leadership team should think through the “real” core values of the Primary Newcomer.
  • The Target Corporation lost focus on its primary customer and has paid the price.
  • Luke 15 provides some powerful examples of Jesus’ focus on the lost.
  • Jesus understood his “target” and identified intimately with them.
  • Jesus would often say, “now you’ve hear it said…” and then offer new perspective.
  • Naming your Primary Newcomer makes the concept come alive.
  • We must fight the natural gravitational force to turn inward.


  • Are we clear on the center of our bullseye in terms of our Primary Newcomer?
  • Do we really understand the values or driving forces in the lives of those we want to reach with the Gospel?
  • Have we shaped our ministry with the Primary Newcomer first in mind?
  • Would we leave the “99” to pursue the one?  Really?


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