GrowthPlanning & The Four Disciplines of Execution

At the 2016 Global Leadership Summit hosted by the Willow Creek Association Chris McChesney delivered a powerful talk on the Four Disciplines of Execution.  We could not agree more with his research and content. The four disciplines are imbedded into Intentional GrowthPlanning as we train, resource, and coach your team. We utilize these principles to help churches across the nation envision and experience increasing Great Commission impact.

Here are the four disciplines and how they relate to Intentional GrowthPlanning.

Discipline 1:  Focus on the Wildly Important
Intentional GrowthPlanning begins with a two day vision and planning experience where, through powerful self-discovery, we frame today’s reality, tomorrow’s vision, and a plan to unleash your church’s potential. At the end of our two days together, we form cross-functional teams to work on 2-4 WIN initiatives (What’s Important Now!). Together, we determine what is “wildly important” and get organized to work on it. These teams take action for the next year helping to unleash your church’s Kingdom potential. While we can’t lose sight of today, and Sunday is always coming, we also need to spend energy tackling what’s important now.

Discipline 2: Act on the Lead Measures
Together, we determine your ministry’s vision drivers.  The values in these drivers push the vision and endure over the long haul.  They may be things like evangelism, discipleship, or the weekend experience. You will decide as a team. They are not passing strategies, they are deeply intrinsic and at the core of pushing forward the vision of your church.

Disciple 3: Keep a Compelling Scoreboard
The centerpiece of an Intentional GrowthPlan is a Vision Dashboard. Every church we work with creates a Vision Dashboard. This dashboard is built on a  5-year picture of the future and allows team members to envision the potential God has for their church.  Better yet, we will measure and monitor whether it is unfolding! Each Vision Dashboard has qualitative and quantitative key points for measurement.  These items can be attendance, baptism, volunteers, and giving along with many other vision elements we are expecting to see. Is the vision becoming reality? If so, let’s celebrate! If not, let’s courageously and prayerfully adjust.  

Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of Accountability
Our aim in one year is to give your team an opportunity to experience breakthrough and increasing Kingdom impact. It is also to let you decide if you want to adopt Intentional GrowthPlanning as a cyclical and repeated exercise. Our dream is that every church we work with will adopt Intentional GrowthPlanning, its tools, philosophy, and methods as an “operating system” on which your church can run. For this reason, we have a team of seasoned, trained, and working church leaders to serve as coaches alongside your ministry. These coaches have over 1200 years church leader experience and use Intentional GrowthPlanning in their ministries.  Our coaches will not only train and hold your team accountable, they will become an incredible resource as you experience the power of Intentional GrowthPlanning and learn how to use it in your ministry.

Your church has incredible potential to have increasing Kingdom impact in the name of the Gospel. We hope you will consider Intentional GrowthPlanning with Intentional Churches as a means to unleash this potential.

Tyler Feller

About Tyler Feller

Tyler has served for seven years in ministry at the local church level. He is passionate about serving the local church because of the impact that his relationship with Christ has had on him. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership. Currently, he is a sought after speaker for events throughout the US. Tyler lives in Nashville, TN.

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