From the Front Lines of Ministry: Part 4

During the COVID-19 crisis, our team gathers weekly to discuss the latest From the Front Lines of Ministry. We are using ChurchOS to stay clear and focused. See how other church leaders around the country are using ChurchOS as they navigate the new normal.


  • Two digital Engagement Pathways (connections processes) that are working
  • Spiritually curious “sneaky peekers”  are probably watching your services and quick ways to start connecting them
  • Delivering content through Zoom and then breaking out into Zoom room breakout groups
  • Relational evangelism through invest and invite is happening in lots of corners. What should you be emphasizing and inviting them to?
  • Even if you are receiving the Payroll Protection Plan loan, think about using this moment to act as if you did not have this money.  What would you be doing without it? Constraint thinking leads to innovation. Don’t miss out on it!


  • Engagement is the new standard. Figuring out ways for 2-way communication is paramount. How do you communicate with those that are connecting with you?
  • Stories have always been important. They now add exponential value, engagement, and connection. How are you gathering and sharing these stories?
  • The people of the Church must become the hero’s and examples of faith because they are following Jesus’ teaching. How do you tell those stories?
  • Here are some shifting priorities for the senior and teaching pastors:
    • Teach more simplistically and in bite-sized chunks.
    • Challenge your church to do what Jesus said more practically.  Make it simple, easy, and doable.
    • Become the curator and steward of the stories of God’s work in and through your people.
    • Become a champion of prayer that builds pathways for people to pray for one another. People are more open than ever to receiving prayer and hearing the Good News.


  • Sy Huffer – Lead Minister – College Heights Christian Church – Joplin, MO
  • Mark Brewer – Executive Pastor – The Oaks Church – Midlothian, TX
  • Lee Coate – Executive Pastor – The Crossing, a Christian Church – Las Vegas, NV
  • Dana Erickson – Executive Pastor – Illuminate Community Church – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Kirby Andersen – Content Development & Church Relations Lead – Intentional Churches – Tulsa, OK
  • Jim Stanley – Executive Pastor – Traders Point Christian Church – Indianapolis, IN
  • Bob Miller – Ministry Leader/Coach – Thomas Road Baptist Church/ServantOne – Lynchburg, VA
  • Dave Elshaug – Executive Director – Loving Utah – South Jordan, UT
  • Tiffany Ann Johns – Strategic Consultant – Parker, CO
  • Steve Poston – Community & Care Pastor – Center Pointe Christian Church – Liberty Township, OH
  • Ben Coleman – Pastor of Adult Ministries – Sugar Creek Baptist Church – Sugar Land, TX
  • Tim Winters – Executive Pastor – Shepherd Church – Porter Ranch, CA

IC Staff:

  • Doug Parks – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Bart Rendel – Co-Founder & President
  • Tasha Johnson – Director of Operations


From Bob : Other key role for the lead pastor in the digital platform is a champion of prayer.

From bartrendel : For sure, Bob!

From bartrendel : I bet we all have more sneaky peekers right now!

From Mark Brewer : This is fantastic, Ben!

From Mark Brewer : Thanks for sharing this Lee.

From James Stanley : Super stuff, Lee!  Big brains! 

From Kirby Andersen : Killer, Lee, as always!

From Larry Wren : Great stuff, Lee.  Thanks for sharing.

From Mark Brewer : Matthew! I love this work and man 41 saved. Woohoo!

From Ben Coleman : Zoom Breakout rooms have helped all our groups a ton too.

From bartrendel : That’s great on Zoom breakouts – parents and families have to be hurting so much right now. So some teaching plus connection, based on the best practice you mentioned. Great stuff!

From Steve Poston : we’ve moved Financial Peace, DivorceCare, Celebrate Recovery to digital platforms …

From Bob Miller : We’re seeing church income is down moderate to slightly.  Non-profits that are not focused on local feeding and caring are dramatically impacted.

From Ben Coleman : We have moved as many group experiences to Zoom as we can. is a great source of training resources for Zoom, breakout rooms and online groups in general.

From bartrendel : I’m curious how many are seeking PPP money and what the experience has been.

From Ben Coleman : We’ve applied for the PPP and it’s gone pretty smooth. But we were able to get at the front of the line with our bank.

From Steve Poston : we are pursuing PPP… our application is together and was not too difficult but our bank has been slow to open their portal

From Larry Wren : We applied for PPP funds on Monday morning and were approved last night, but no idea at this point when we’ll receive funds. approved for everything we asked for at this point.

From Mark Brewer : Everyone, thank you for sharing these amazing innovations and what God is doing in and through y’all It’s helping our team win here in Dallas.

From Ben Coleman : Planning buckets: 1) Turning online stream into an online campus with the full GCE, 2) Planning for the return to our building (what needs to look different?) and 3) How do we reach the 1 if this model of ministry continues longer than just another month.

From Mark Brewer : God’s unlimited. Everything else is on a budget

From Mark Brewer : That’s awesome, Bart! Praying for a breakthrough for your friend

From Ben Coleman : That’s a good point, Bart! We need to personally live out the GCE is we want our church to run it.

From Dana Erickson : Our feeling at this time is we will walk through the process. We can always give back the money if we don’t need it or if the repayment expectations change.

From Larry Wren : Great Call and so helpful.


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