From the Front Lines of Ministry: Part 1

Hear from leaders using ChurchOS to stay clear, focused, and innovative in this fast-changing season of ministry.

Dear Leader,

We are living in unprecedented times as church leaders. Now more than ever, we need to be clear and confident about our decisions and strategies for eternal kingdom impact.

Jesus’ mission to make more and better disciples remains (Matthew 28:19-20), but now we are a church distributed and increasingly isolated. God’s strategy to grow the church remains the same but how do we innovate in a rapidly changing environment?

We are going to gather leaders on the front lines of ministry to discuss real-time strategies day by day, and week by week. These leaders are using ChurchOS tools and principles like the Great Commission Engine and the Six Domains of Church to stay clear and focused under the duress of COVID-19.

Here are the leaders we’ve convened who are using ChurchOS in this pivotal season of ministry. They will be sharing their real-time strategies as this crisis unfolds.

Jill Gille – Eastside Christian Church – Anaheim, CA
Lee Coate – The Crossing, A Christian Church – Las Vegas, NV
Mark Brewer – Oaks Church – Red Oak, TX
Matt Wright – Willow Creek Community Church – Chicago, IL
Matthew Robinson – First Baptist – Orlando, FL
Ron Sylvia – Church @ The Springs – Ocala, FL
Doug Cowburn – Elim Gospel Church – Rochester, NY
Sy Huffer – College Heights Christian Church- Joplin, MO

Stay tuned, and tune in often. Let us know how we can be helpful during this season. We will be featuring these video conversations on our website soon, for free, along with resources we find useful for ChurchOS churches.

We are praying for you.

Bart, Doug, and the Intentional Churches Team

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