Executive Pastors’ Summit 2018
One of the largest gatherings of executive pastors in the country.

By Bart Rendel

This week Doug and I are excited to be attending the 2018 Executive Pastors’ Summit. This is one of the largest gatherings of XPs in the country, and we’re meeting at Compass Christian Church in Chandler, AZ, to share best practices and resources.

We love the approach these guys are using for collaborative learning. The founders (friends of ours!) have designed a great format where you learn from one another in small groups as well as a couple bigger speaker sessions.  I wish more conferences would or could use this approach.

Intentional Churches has had the privilege of working with 27 of the churches represented here at the XP Summit. Many are fully embracing the IC system and leading the way for others in the country. And bonus, 12 of our IC coaches are here, so it’s kind of like a family reunion!

If you’re an XP, your responsibilities are broad and so important. Your role is key in accomplishing the mission of the church and seeing your church’s unique vision unfold. We narrowly do one thing called Intentional GrowthPlanning. It is designed to unleash the Gospel potential of any church and it’s working now in hundreds of churches. Best of all, you can learn and use the system again and again. If you’re attending the Summit, we hope you’ll catch our presentation and stop by our booth to learn more about IC.

The XP Summit 2018 will continue through Wednesday afternoon, Jan 31. Thankful to be here and hope to see you!

Bart Rendel

About Bart Rendel

Bart was an executive leader at Crossroads Christian Church in Lexington, KY and Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV for over eighteen years. Bart’s passion for serving churches comes from his upbringing as a pastor’s kids where he learned about the intentionality of reaching and growing people in Christ from his mother and father. His conviction runs deep. Bart and his family remain connected to Central Christian. He is married to Catherine with two children and finds the occasional time to play a round of golf or take in a Kentucky Wildcats game. He has been helping churches and leaders around the country increase their Kingdom Impact since 2004.

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