Courageous Visions from Kentucky General Baptists

Just across the Ohio River from downtown Evansville, IN you’ll find Henderson County, KY.  Recently this was the site of an awesome gathering of Kentucky General Baptist church teams who attended our Intentional Churches Unleash Workshop.

The Intentional Churches team had the privilege of partnering with four courageous churches.  Throughout the day together, we gained perspective about where these churches are now, and we spent time dreaming with them about what could be possible in the next 3-5 years in their churches.

We believe these churches have unlimited Gospel potential. Collectively they have dreamed to see an increase of over 700 in average attendance in their Sunday worship services. 

Here is just a snapshot of their combined church vision from that day:

  • Courage to start a second Sunday worship service
  • Lighting the fire of evangelism to focus on the ‘one’
  • Empowering youth to serve and lead others into a fully surrendered life to Christ
  • Connecting every person that walks in the doors to a life changing relationship
  • Add staff to better help shepherd and care for growing congregations
  • Utilize online and social media presences to reach out to lost people
  • Planning to partner with global missions to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth
  • Becoming a church with no diversity boundaries
  • Adding facility space to accommodate growth

We helped each team gain clarity and alignment around one particular W.I.N., or What’s Important Now, that they could focus on and accomplish over the next six months. IC Coaches Kent Odor and Steve Poston are linking arms with these churches to help them on their journey.

Kent’s passion for the local church has led him to devote more than 35 years to helping it achieve its grand assignment, including time at Willow Creek (Chicago), Canyon Ridge (Las Vegas) and currently at River Hills Christian Church.  Steve has over 25 years of church leadership experience and has served at Fern Creek Christian Church in Louisville, KY and Center Pointe Christian Church in Hamilton, OH where he is currently the Executive Pastor.


Tyler Feller

About Tyler Feller

Tyler has served for seven years in ministry at the local church level. He is passionate about serving the local church because of the impact that his relationship with Christ has had on him. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership. Currently, he is a sought after speaker for events throughout the US. Tyler lives in Nashville, TN.

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