Breaking Down Silos

Have you ever been frustrated by silos in your ministry?  Would you like the members of your team to think not only about their department or area, but also about the whole of your ministry? With an IC System installation, our team can help you break down silos in a healthy way.

In this short video, Doug Parks (Intentional Churches CEO) shares two ways we help by working with you to organize actions around:

  1. Cross-Ministry Teams – focused teams made up of a variety of people with different backgrounds helping to bring innovation and breakthrough to the largest growth obstacles or opportunities.

  2. Ministry Drivers – areas of ministry that if focused upon and developed, will result in healthy growth of church metrics like attendance, baptisms, groups, etc.

Breaking Down Silos from Intentional Churches on Vimeo.


Doug Parks

About Doug Parks

Doug served for seventeen years as the Executive Pastor at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, NV. Over the last several years, Doug has been helping churches throughout the country develop a plan to grow and a prioritized way to execute the plan.

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