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Timing is Everything: 5 Reasons to attend the ChurchOS Conference in January 2023

My life was unexpectedly changed at a church leadership conference. God opened my eyes to the fact that the gathering of the Ninety-nine finds its purpose in reaching and growing the ONE!

The focus of my leadership instantly changed. The trajectory of my life had been forever altered. This realization made all the difference.

The ChurchOS Conference is designed to create similar moments and grow every leader present. Here are five reasons you should consider joining us in January.

Reason #1: There is a spiritual awakening happening in our world. 

As we work with churches, we hear a familiar story: Yes, some people are gone, but new families are showing up. Why? Because most everything in the ONE’s life has failed them, they need some hope.

Jesus delivers that hope, and the church (your church!) is his chosen conduit. 

Reason #2: Now is the time to urgently build a ONE-Aware church ready to connect new people to us, Jesus, and others.

Covid cleared the decks. It created the opportunity to install a Biblically-based leadership system, align your team, and build a resilient church. Now is the time to assess your ministries and strategies honestly and keep only the ones that help you accomplish the Great Commission and align with your True North.

Reason #3: With so many clamoring voices telling us what we OUGHT to do, we need each other more than ever. 

We need encouragement, inspiration, and a community of like-minded leaders.

The ChurchOS Conference is built for those kinds of relationships. It is a place of contribution and collective learning. Together, we are better!

Reason #4: Learning to use ChurchOS is a journey. 

We built the conference for users of ChurchOS at all levels. This year we are adding specialized tracks for church planters, senior leaders, and elders, along with one focused on evangelism.

Reason #5: And there’s a good chance it will be cold where you are in January, and it will probably be warmer in Phoenix, Arizona!

Sometimes, timing is everything 😉.

Compass Christian Church will host The ChurchOS Conference on January 24-25. Compass is a stellar example of a ChurchOS church, and we are excited to be with them.

The conference features on-point, inspiring, and practical Main Sessions focused on ChurchOS. It also includes specialized tracks for leaders embarking on the ChurchOS journey and others for those who are deeply committed to ChurchOS and teaching us how to use it.

So pack your bags, enjoy the warm weather, and be inspired and equipped for your next season of ministry!

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