4 Church Leadership Priorities Right Now – Spiritual Awakening Part 2

In our previous post, we discussed how open our culture is to Jesus right now. Today, we will dive into practical strategies to help you steward and maximize this spiritual awakening in your church. 

Priority #1 – Get Clear on the Root of Multiplication

As leaders, we often hear the term “multiplication” thrown around in the context of church growth. However, it can hold varying meanings for different individuals. It all boils down to one fundamental principle: every disciple should adopt a ONE-aware filter for all aspects of life–trusting the Holy Spirit to guide interactions. At Intentional Churches, we emphasize the importance of returning to this root of multiplication.

If you have seen a spiritual awakening in your community, it’s time to instill this DNA of multiplication within your church. Encourage and empower your members to initiate spiritual conversations and bring others closer to Christ. 

Here’s a practical idea to implement this strategy:  It’s a twist on the traditional “Matthew party.”  Ask your members to commit to inviting one neighbor family (preferably someone who isn’t currently following Jesus) to join them for a BBQ. When they commit, have the originally invited neighbor invite someone new, and so on. This simple practice is a great example of root multiplication.

Priority #2 – Equip People in Relational Evangelism ASAP

It’s time to shift the narrative around relational evangelism. As leaders, you have a responsibility to inspire AND equip your people for this powerful strategy of disciple-making. 

First, emphasize the importance of authentic relationships and reassure your congregation that they are fulfilling Christ’s directive to love others. (We often say, “Your preaching and equipping should bring down your people’s blood pressure around relational evangelism.”)

Then by continually sharing your personal ONE-aware journey through storytelling in services, podcasts and social posts, you will sow the seeds of multiplication into the fabric of your church. 

And finally, keep the application simple by teaching your people to discern spiritual next steps within their personal Relational Reach Zone™. (Checkout this simple tool to get started

By engaging in these practices, you will take advantage of the Spiritual Awakening happening in our world right now.

In part 3 of our series, we will tackle:

Priority #3 – Switch to a Grass Roots Connection Process

Priority #4 – Return to a “Back to Basics” Mindset

Are you ready to take action? This is your opportunity to lead your church during this spiritual awakening. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

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